The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Vienna public call

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Vienna announces a public call for the purchase of vehicles for the official needs of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Vienna.

The minimum technical characteristics and equipment of the vehicle are:

– Vehicle Type: Van (Upper middle class)

– Vehicle color: black metallic 

– Transmission: automatic transmission 

– Number of seats: minimum 8 seats (2+3+3) 

– Minimum level of interior equipment; high quality level of equipment both for the 

  vehicle cabin and for the passenger part of the vehicle 

– Level of traffic safety and assistance equipment: High level of vehicle safety 


– Type of fuel: diesel 

– EURO Norm Standards: the highest level of the EURO Norm standard

Number of Vehicle: one

Specifics: The Embassy is exempt from paying all taxes and other duties and enjoys diplomatic privileges and discounts. 

The final price excluded all duties of the submitted offer should not exceed the amount of Netto EUR 51.100,00.

Offers are delivered either by email to the address: bhbotschaft(at) or by regular mail to the address: 1120 Wien, Tivoligasse 54 (indicate: Public Call) no later than 20 November 2023 (COB).

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the regulations of the Law on Public Procurement keep the right to reject the submitted offer without additional clarifications or explanations, if it considers that it was submitted late or evaluates it as incomplete.

Vienna, 6 November 2023